Dating Tips: Six Important Dating Standards

April 9, 2011
Author: KLTBrown

image3phpFor those of you who are new to the dating scene, I have some quick dating tips to share with you. These dating tips are to remind you of the six important dating standards or rules when going out on a date.  Follow these dating tips carefully and you will ensure a healthy, safe, and rewarding dating experience. Ignore these dating tips and you could find yourself in a bad situation that could possibly ruin your life.

Dating Tip #1) Give someone like your parents, guardian, or best friend background information on the person with whom you will have a date. It’s better to share this information with someone before the date so that if something goes wrong, someone will at least have a clue about who you are with.

Dating Tip #2) Tell you parents or guardian your exact plans.  The key is to be as exact as possible.  That way they will know where you are and what your plans are.  If your plans change, as often they do, let them know. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Dating Tip #3) Arrange for safe and reliable transportation.  Never leave it up to chance. The worst feeling in the world is to be stranded somewhere with no way to get home.  Make sure you have a plan A and a plan B.

Dating Tip#4) Establish a reasonable curfew.  Remember, a curfew is not when you will leave to come home, it’s when you will arrive a home.  Many people have good intentions about keeping a curfew but few plan ahead to ensure they keep it. Make the necessary plans and arrangements to see that you make it home on time.

Dating Tip#5) Establish you code of conduct. To be effective this must be done BEFORE the date.  Know before hand what you limits are. Make sure you establish them based on your own convictions and principles.  Don’t allow someone else to influence you into conduct that you are not agreeable with.

Dating Tip #6) Establish the expected code of conduct for the person you date.  Do not compromise on what you will tolerate.  Make sure you communicate this to the person you date before the date and make sure you stick to your guns.  If the date does not comply with the expected code of conduct, let them  know the date is over.  Say goodnight and make your way home. Never settle for less that your expectations.

Use these dating tips and you will have a worry free, enjoyable, safe, and memorable dating experience.

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