How To Bond With A Man Emotionally

March 28, 2010
Author: KLTBrown

Women are always looking for tips and advice about how to get closer to a man.  It true that every woman wants to bond with her man emotionally but very few know what’s most important  concerning getting a man to bond with you.  My first advice is to remember and recognize that men don’t bond the same way as women.  So the methods they use to bond with other women will not work with a man.

When women ask how to get closer to the man they love, they are often implying something different. What they are really asking is “How do I get him to bond with me the way that I want?”,  “How can I get him to be more romantic?” or “How can I make him share his feelings more?”

Notice that what they are asking in the statements above is “How do I get him to want to do what I do?” The first thing that a woman needs to do is to realize that bonding with a man isn’t the same as getting him to do what she wants.

Once you have made this realization, you will see that getting a man to bond with you is simpler than most women realize. You must understand there is a process that must be followed and these next few relationship tips and advice for women will help you follow that process. However, this process doesn’t usually involve the activities that most women would prefer.  For a man, one of the greatest thrills is having a woman share a wonderful activity that HE enjoys.

Women, take careful note of this important tip;

If you don’t stir up his emotions, he won’t connect with you on the level that you want.

Which brings us to the next point- what causes his emotions to be stirred is most likely not what affects your emotions. That’s why going on a picnic or watching a romantic movie doesn’t have much of an effect on a man. Men bond through a shared activity. On the other hand, women bond though shared words and thoughts. Sitting down next to him while he’s watching a football game may seem as exciting as watching paint dry to you, but for him it’s pure heaven. He’s got you close and he gets to watch something he enjoys. The mistake many women make is they sit with a man while he watches something he enjoys and tries to talk to him. Woman, that’s not the time for talking!

The good news is that you don’t have to do this all the time. Just every so often, step into his world of sports, hobbies or whatever interests him as his partner. You’ll soon begin to notice how close he feels toward you.



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