How To Get Over A Breakup When You Have To Let Go

February 2, 2010
Author: KLTBrown

How do you stop loving someone who you are DEEPLY in love with, but for various reasons the relationship doesn’t work. You love them but you can’t be with them? How do you turn off your emotions? Especially when you have to see this person everyday, Here’s some breakup advice that will help you get over it and move on.

It’s obvious that you must limit your interaction with this person. NO more phone calls. With time, any emotional attachment and feelings will subside after a while. Detach yourself from the delusion first. You need to come to realization that you two can’t be together. Not sure why you got yourself in this situation to begin with, BUT you’re there, so how you do release yourself from a painful reality?

First remove all things that remind you of this person; any pictures, phone messages, text messages etc.. If  you see this person daily at work for instance, walk the other way. Keep it professional no matter how hard it is. Concentrate and utilize mind over matter.

Remember, it’s never easy to turn your emotions off. You can’t help it. Start filling that void with something else to occupy your time. Don’t read a book, its useless. You’re not gonna be able to concentrate.  Go out and be amongst your friends.

Because you are “Deeply” in love, sex probably played a factor. Needless to say you must show restraint. Don’t continue to have sex anymore. You have to be strong.  Understand you are only setting yourself up to get hurt. You have to take the first step if you don’t want to feel this yearning and desire anymore. Only you have control over your feelings and emotions. Don’t look to the person you are dealing with to help you with this.

But if you are seeing a married man-STOP NOW! Do yourself a favor. He is not gonna leave his wife. Don’t get caught up. You know better. If you are married, same advice. I hope your spouse doesn’t find out. But seriously, you must find a way to detach yourself.

Personally, you will be fine. Forgive yourself and love yourself enough not to get caught up in a situation like this again. The healing process is not gonna be easy.  Have patience. Don’t be too hard on yourself but get out now. Save your sanity and your dignity. Find someone you can be with without stipulations.



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