How To Make Your Boyfriend Want To Marry You

September 11, 2012
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Are you searching for a tactful way to make your boyfriend commit to you? Have you tried to do everything right while hoping that he’ll see that you’re the one for him? He says that he loves you but when talk of moving your relationship forward comes up he smiles and avoids the conversation. It all ends the same way, with you feeling frustrated and confused over why he doesn’t seem to want to commit to you and you alone.

You’re tired of this game and you just want to make him commit. After all, if you’re good enough to be his girlfriend for this long then you should be good enough to marry. You want to get on with building your life together and you want that ring. You want to make him commit. Then you have a thought!

You will simply tell him that you need an answer. You will tell him that either your relationship moves forward and you start talking about getting married or you’re going to end it. You will tell him that you love him but that you’re not getting any younger and you want to start your life as a married couple. Maybe if he sees that you are serious and you mean business then he’ll finally conceed and admit that it’s time to settle down. But, is this really the way to bring him to the alter and will this trick work?

Are you prepared to deal with the consequences from making that ultimatum to make him commit? That ultimatum is basically a threat and it’s a threat that your boyfriend probably isn’t going to take lightly. Guys tend not to like being threatened and your threat that it’s going to be your way or the highway will probably make him want to stand his ground. It’s probably not going to make him commit. How would you feel if you were in his position?

How would you feel if your boyfriend tried to get you to change your relationship to suit how he was feeling? Maybe the idea of an open relationship appeals to him or maybe he might want to bring another women into your relationship. Chances are that you wouldn’t agree to taking a step back if you were threatened or given such an ultimatum. When you step back and take a look at things, this is exactly how your boyfriend will feel if you try to push him into marriage or into moving your relationship forward before he is really ready.

You really can make your boyfriend find his way to actually want to commit to you and a more serious relationship, including getting married. Making demands and serviing him up ultimatums isn’t going to get you there though. This is now how you are going to make him realize how good he has it and make him want to put a ring on your finger. You need to know how to drawn your boyfriend in and make him actually want to be the one to marry you.

While it can be difficult to understand why your boyfriend doesn’t want to commit to you and give you that assurance that you want and the ultimate display of love, it really isn’t personal. It has nothing to do with you and how much he loves you. It has to do with him and what goes on inside so many men when they are in a relationship that reaches this point. You need to understand that threats aren’t going to make him worship the ground that you walk on but understanding what lies under the surface and what you can do to overcome those obstacles with your man can and will make him want to commit to you. The only thing that you have any control over is yourself and you alone can make him see that being with you forever is a gift and not a jail sentence.

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