I was wondering if my boyfriend was the right one to marry for a long time and we have been starting to talk about getting married and settling down. We have had some disagreements in the past about how we see the future and it seems like we have been getting on the same page recently. He didn’t always want to have a family or to even get married.

It was good for us to take a test that helped us to know how compatible we are for marriage. My boyfriend has been serious about getting married and he said that he feels I am the right person for him to marry. However, we have both had doubts in the past and even some pretty big differences which made us both wonder how compatible we really are.

The marriage compatibility test helped reassure both of us that we are indeed right for each other and are able to have a successful marriage. I feel that the marriage test helped us both realize what is most important to us and it has helped us to grow as a couple as well. I am now confident to continue dating him and to see marriage in the near future.



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