The Tao Of Badass Review

December 29, 2014
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[I:]In the world of dating and pick up artistry, the man would need all the help he can get in order to get the woman he would want because sadly, the women would usually have the advantage when it comes to dating. One of the most interesting and effective books in the market would be none other than the tao of badass by Joshua Pellicer. Take some time to read the tao of badass review and see whether this book is a good buy.

Basically, the author of this book, Joshua Pellicer, shares with the readers how he was before he discovered the secret to gaining immense confidence around women. He shares that he was a man who would give in to every whim of his girlfriend simply because he did not want to lose her. Because of this, he actually became a human doormat instead of a real man.

Now if one would want girls to be attracted to him, then the first thing he must do is actually change himself. Women are generally attracted to men who are very confident and let out an aura of power. So basically, how the man would present himself in front of the woman is very important.

One of the ways in order to showcase power, according to the book, would be to make sure to have very good body language. Body language is actually the basis on how any human would judge another human being because what goes on in the mind will come out in the body. That is why a man should always have some sort of open body language when with a woman to show confidence.

Another thing that this book would be teaching men how to trigger the mind of the woman in order to attract her and get her to respond positively. He actually has a step by step guide that can be repeated with any girl and is proven to be successful. That way, any reader would actually appear ahead of the pack and become an alpha male.

One of the things that men would want to avoid would be the friend zone because this is where the man will have absolutely no chance with the woman. The good news is there actually is a way to avoid this state. The author would be teaching newbies how to spot a potential friend zone and reverse it.

Women are generally known for the tests that they would be putting men through and men really hate it. Women use these tests on men because they are scared that if they fall, the man will just leave them hanging. Readers will be learning how to break the wall by going around the test.

This book is actually one of the most effective books when it comes to pick up artistry and dating. It is in fact recognized by many pick up artist communities as one of the best. After reading the tao of badass review, there will most likely be a lot of potential buyers who would want to get their hands on the information this book provides.

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