Basic Principles On How To Deal With Bullying

April 25, 2015
Author: Abraham Yu

Bullying is a common problem that we have to deal with once in a while. Some of us have had to face off with bullies over a long period of time while for others it may just be an occasional problem. Bullying is defined as the habitual use of aggression to gain power over others. It also entails using coercion, threats, abuse and intimidation. Such behaviour is usually directed towards specific targets. The behaviour can often be explained by differences in race, religion, gender, class, size, strength among others. To deal with bullying, movements have been created and laws made, all in a bid to combat the rising suicide cases among teenagers.

The Benefits Of The Kids Wish Network

November 26, 2012
Author: admin

The Kids Wish Network is dedicated to helping children live a dream they have chosen. Children who are eligible to benefit from the 501(c) organization’s efforts have been reported to have a life decreasing or terminal illness. The work of the program gives children fighting illnesses hope and an experience that can help bring joy into their lives. Getting involved as a parent or as a volunteer is an important part of helping children struggling with the realities of their disease.