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I know you’ve all heard of the “Golden Rule”. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” But how many have heard the “Golden Rule of Relationships”. It is a simple variation that goes like this: “Do unto others in their love language as you would have them do unto you in […]

Have you ever seen a man wish, want and need you so intensely that he wasn’t able to make himself interested in anyone else but you? Have you ever seen him ache with so much love that just thinking about you brings a smile to his face & makes him go weak in the knees? […]

My name is Kelsey and I’d like to share my weird story with you today… Here’s a conversation I had with a guy I really loved. “Don’t be stupid Kelsey; we are just good friends and nothing else.” “Hey but why not?” I asked with a sad puppy expression. “Because…We are friends.” “Says who”, I […]

Commitment Without Conflict

October 27, 2014
Author: KLTBrown

Self-esteem is a topic you don’t hear much about these days. It is a major hindrance to commitments required for long term relationships. The truth is it takes guts and the willingness put yourself in a position to possibly fail. But as long as you have the willingness to learn, and to get up after […]

You may believe that only really smart or super motivated people get things done. You might even think that being “productive” is really just a business term that was created by employers to measure how much stuff their employees were doing. But being productive is more than that. Being productive is the difference between sitting on the sidelines watching life pass you by and actually getting in on the action and making life happen! If you don’t do anything you can’t achieve anything. Can you? It’s not possible is it? But getting everything done all the time isn’t some myth that only parents, teachers and bosses believe exist – anyone can make it happen – even you. So without further ado, below are the 7 laws of productivity that serial executors consistently engage in.

Romantic Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls

March 31, 2014
Author: admin

I am sure you have all tried to use or even heard other guys try to use pick up lines for girls. Some of them are said with a sense of humour whilst others are just plainly embarrassing for the guy who says them or his friends if they are with him. Do pick up lines work and which ones work best? In this article I will look at a few lines that I have heard and give you reasons why you should consider what you are actually saying.

How To Text A Girl You Like

March 29, 2014
Author: admin

It’s not about being the most dominant guy. It’s about being the most creative guy and taking risks. Creativity comes before dominance because the creative guy can adapt to situations and make things fun and pull people into an emotionally driven world. The creative guy can create dominance by taking risks.My number 1 rule in text messaging a girl for the first time is to get her laughing. Usually I don’t like to even get someone on the phone it’s either meeting up with someone or text messaging.Do you ever wonder why women always watch drama filled TV shows on the LIFETIME network or even prime time TV? It’s because all women love drama whether they admit to it or not, in fact most women will say to your face that they despise drama despite the fact they are creating whirlwinds of it in their own lives, like moths to a flame they cannot help the irresistible urge to go to where the drama is.

How To Keep Him Interested In You

March 28, 2014
Author: admin

Are you having a hard time attracting a guy? Do you have your eye on a guy who doesn’t seem to show any interest in you? Is there a guy you like who sees you as just a friend? Would you like to find out how to keep him interested in you? Now if you do, here are 5 attraction secrets that can help you.

How To Get A Girls Number Without Asking

December 31, 2013
Author: admin

You really want to know how to get a girl’s number? To start, let’s clear your mind of all the cheesy ways you have seen guys behave in person, in the movies, or even from a fantasy in your mind regarding how you would ask for her phone number. To a girl, a phone number is often regarded as a private matter and getting that number means she trusts you and likes you enough to give it. You want to respect that, even though to you it is not a big deal since it is just a phone number.

How To Make Your Confidence Soar

September 25, 2013
Author: admin