How To Get A Girls Number Without Asking

December 31, 2013
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You really want to know how to get a girl’s number? To start, let’s clear your mind of all the cheesy ways you have seen guys behave in person, in the movies, or even from a fantasy in your mind regarding how you would ask for her phone number. To a girl, a phone number is often regarded as a private matter and getting that number means she trusts you and likes you enough to give it. You want to respect that, even though to you it is not a big deal since it is just a phone number.

[How To Get A Girls Number]

Consider the fact that most females are advised early in life not to speak to strangers, specifically men, much less not to give their phone numbers to a guy they hardly know. Think about it briefly. A girl you are interested in might have experienced a stalker or bad guy in her not-too-distant past. Only after you show genuine compassion and interest towards her will the art of getting a girl’s number be executed.

Make great eye contact.It’s an easy thing to do but some guys go wrong here. You may just be nervous but if you don’t look a girl in the eyes you will seem untrustworthy. On the other hand I don’t suggest an unwavering stare either, that can be creepy and unnerving A good tip is to alternate unselfconsciously between eye contact and watching her lips as she speaks. If you’re interested in what she has to say this shouldn’t be that unnatural.

When you are having a conversation with this girl, by all means give her you’re full attention, engage her, spark her interest, but don’t stay too long. When the conversation is still going well say something like “It’s been great chatting but I better get back to my friends.” But as your walking away turn back as if it’s an afterthought, and say something like “Hey, do you have email?” This works like a charm, believe me! You could also ask for her email. It’s not her phone phone number but you may find she offers this instead. You could also just ask if she’s OK Facebook… who isn’t these days?Ending the conversation while it’s still engaging will do two things: raise your status in her mind and give you an excuse to catch up another time.

That’s totally weak. You must simply TELL her what you want.”Give me your phone number – so we can continue this conversation sometime.” Pull out your cell phone and just wait for her to give it to you.It’s that simple. And by telling her why, you’ve even removed any possible questions she might have had in her head about why.Remember that women want you to be confident enough for BOTH you and her. She’s looking to YOU to determine how she should feel about the interaction. Your confidence will spill over to her – letting her know that she can feel safe with you, and you’re going to be the MAN – the one with the initiative to fulfill all those romantic fantasies of hers.

To lead and open up the conversation and explore for common interests, practice active listening. Run with the thread of conversation to expand on it after repeating what you hear from her. For instance, she said, “I don’t really go out much, my friends begged me to come with them.” Your response is, “I know how that feels, and like you, bars are not really in my top 10 of best places to be in. Me and my friends mostly hang out and have more fun at private house parties. It allows us to catch up better. What do you and your friends do most?” Then give her some space. You have just led her to continue the conversation and could let you know more about her interests.

Construct on the similarities. You will be able to find similar things you have done before, or want to do as you get to know her; the connection and desire to share experiences together stems from the experiences shared from one’s past. This builds rapport. That is a key aspect of how to get a girl’s number. If she talks about an outing she really enjoyed, you listen, you react, you reply with a similar experience of your own. Build your story with excitement, intrigue, and passion. As a result, she will be at ease with your company since she can relate your story to hers.

Asking for the number. The final say comes when you need to ask for the number. However, this is a non issue because of the work you’ve done ahead of time in building rapport. You shouldn’t be concerned, it will be natural. Whenever you find something you both are interested in, simply add “we should try that together some time…” Usually she will say it for you. From there, you can take a natural step to request for her number. Just add “let’s trade cell phones and I’ll call you to set it up…. here, pen your name and number in.” and give her your phone.

Let her give it- Take this argument to a level where she starts to find it interesting and is looking for more and more. Make an early exit and let her know that you have other important things to do that just talk to her. Now this is the crucial part and this is where you need to work a bit as well. Some girls just wait for you to ask for their phone number therefore you should do this in a cheeky way as well. Before leaving say- I am not done yet but we can carry this on some other day. By the way do you have a phone? She might say yes.

Than respond by saying oh good I needed to make an important phone call can I use it? This would certainly leave her jaw dropped and this is where you should say- Naa was just kidding, so can I have your number? 99% of the time she would most certainly end up giving you her number.What you don’t know yet- Ever tried to wonder what’s in a woman’s mind? What is she thinking about? Do you know that women do not always mean what they say. They might say something and mean the exact opposite.

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