My friend just got married recently and I have been so happy for her. She is starting an exciting new journey in her life and it will be cool to get to share that with her. I feel that she has been such an inspiration for me to find the right guy and for everyone around her to find the right guy as well. She was in a series of bad relationships but she never gave up hope.

My friend was losing hope altogether and thought she would never be married and starting a family just a few years ago. She was in her late twenties and she felt like time was running out. She has strong morals and she didn’t want to sacrifice them for a relationship. She stuck to her principles and finally found the right guy for her.

Finding a great guy that loves and accepts her for who she is was awesome for my friend. She got some great dating advice for women, which helped her to find the right relationship. She had wasted time before but didn’t have to worry about that anymore when she found the right guy. I am so happy that things worked out for her in the end and that gives hope to so many other people, including myself.



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