In recent times, there has been a drive among men to increase their manliness. Many men fear that their traditional roles are threatened by embracing their emotions. The truth is that physically strong men are not necessarily considered to be masculine. The opposite is also true, masculinity has little to do with muscles. Manliness is more to do with the way a man thinks and acts.

When questioned, most women place honesty very high on the list of qualities of true men. Women simply cannot trust a man that habitually lie or exaggerate. Men are supposed to be straight forward. If the truth gets him in trouble, he must be willing to face the consequences, rather than telling a lie. Inevitably, honest men are trusted and even revered.

A true man should be self reliant. This does not mean that he must never ask for assistance but rather that he must be able to look after himself. At the same time, he must show willingness and the ability to look after his family and loved ones. Reliability is just as important. When a man says he is going to do something the task must be considered as completed already.

No true man will shrink from his duty when strong leadership and decisive action are required. Such men know their strengths and their limitations and when a situation arises that calls for their strengths, they step forward and take charge. Alternatively, when they are not the best person to take the lead, they will provide staunch support to the person in the lead.

One of the most vital characteristics of the men under discussion is the ability to communicate and share their feelings and emotions. They can do this because they are comfortable in their own skins and they do not feel the need to prove something to anybody. These guys are kind to animals, they support charities and they help wherever they can.

It is only natural that real men use appropriate cosmetic products that are specially designed for men. They do not think that it is effeminate to use products that makes them feel and look better. They are always meticulously groomed and they pay attention to their diet. In addition, they take care of their bodies and they try to keep fit.

It is clear that real men are not guys that boast big muscles and that insist on getting their own way. Real men are in communication with themselves and with other people. They are open minded, considerate and caring. It would certainly be good all round, if more guys strived to be more manly.

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