Relationship Tips – Know your Romance Rating

August 5, 2011
Author: KLTBrown

manfallinloveRomance ratings are important. Many people get into relationships without ever taking thought of their partner’s romance rating. This is very important if they are seriously thinking about establishing a long term, possible marriage, relationship.

The romance rating is how you rate the person’s romance aptitude from a zero (0) being the worst to a ten (10) being the best.  Some people have no romance ability at all and are dependent on their partner to provide the romance factor in their relationship. We should rate these as a zero (0).  Others are full of romanticism and thrive off of romance. They are always the instigators of the romance in the relationship and full of creative and exotic ways to romance their partner. We should rate these as a ten (10).

What people fail to realize is that by the time a person gets to the age of seriously looking for long term relationships, their romance rating is pretty much set.  It does not increase in the later years unless a major life changing event happens.

Many people who have been married for 10, 20, or 30 years often regret not taking this into account.  The think that as the years go by their partner will change and their romance ratio will increase. Well, surprise! In many cases the romance rating decreases even more.

So  a word to the wise. Before you decide to invest in a long term relationship, evaluate whether or not you are able to live with your partners romance rating and understand that chances are the romance rating may decrease as the years go by.  Are willing to live with that? This is a trade off you will have to factor in as you create your list of things you want in your mate.  Don’t be fooled by the early signs of romanticism. Look carefully at the romance rating of your partner based on the following criteria:

1) Are they vocal about their sexuality?

2) Are they initiators of intimacy or are they just responders?

3) Are they more interested in long romantic encounters or are they bottom line get it over with types?

4) Are they able to sustain long lead ins to intimacy or do they have a short attention span?

5) Are they creative in their expression of love or are they habitual and predictable?

6) Are they limited in their love vocabulary?

7) Are they able to express their passion or do they exhibit passion at all?

These are just a few criteria that you can use to determine both  you and your partner’s romance rating.  Consider it carefully when determining your compatibility.

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