My Brother Said His Marriage Vows And Is On A New Journey

December 18, 2017
Author: Looking4Love

My brother got married recently and I have been very happy for him. He is on a whole new journey and it has been great to see him find happiness and start a new life with his wife. Even though is my younger brother, I have always looked up to him as if he is my older brother. He was always a little bit more mature than me.

I don’t mind considering my brother my older brother and it has been nice to have a great relationship with him over the years. He considers me his best friend and I consider him my best friend. We still make some time in our busy lives to spend some time together on a regular basis and I hope to continue our friendship all our lives.

Watching my brother say his marriage vows as his “best woman” at the wedding was great. It has been great to watch him start on a new journey as a married man. He moved into a new apartment with his wife and it has been great to come over and to see their new place. I am hoping to get married sometime soon as well, and it is nice to have my brother as a great example.



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