Common Causes of Marriage Problems

December 12, 2018
Author: Looking4Love

Marriage problems are unavoidable and can either head towards divorce if the issues are too serious, or be fixed through marriage counseling, with a little help of a strong support system. Marital issues can stem from anything, from petty issues to irreconcilable differences.

Among the leading causes of marriage problems is the lack of communication. Even with years of being together, some couples still find it hard to communicate effectively, least open channels for conversations, or even a topic in which to stimulate each other’s interests. Then there are money problems. Different income rate and spending habits can cause arguments to lead to re-assessing each other’s priorities and responsibilities within the context of their marital union. Another reason for many marriages to fail is the lack of intimacy. Intimacy is an effective way to establish a strong bond with your other half and the lack of it can leave one or the other feeling undesirable.

A change in appearance has also caused many marriages to go downhill as some couples can’t cope with the natural course the body goes through as we age and holds an unrealistic expectation when it comes to physical features. Believe it or not, the splitting of chores can also cause marriage problems. The stress that comes with household work, taking care of kids and errands, on top of career responsibilities can lead to marital woes.



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