Taking Some Pre Marriage Tests To Get Us Ready For The Big Leap

September 19, 2017
Author: Looking4Love

My boyfriend and I have been together for about three years now and we have been talking more and more about marriage and about our lives together in the future. Currently, we seem to be on the same page as far as getting marriage and wanting to have kids in the future but we were both unsure not that long ago.

My boyfriend and I have both had some doubts in the past about marriage and even seeing ourselves together in the future. When we first started dating, he said that marriage was something that he never wanted and that he wanted to see the world without being tied down in any sort of way. Then he came around but I started having doubts.

I was having doubts in the past about my boyfriend being the right person for me to marry and at one point even wondered if I should still be with him. As of now, however, we both have come around and have realized that we both want to get married. Taking some pre marriage tests is what we have been working on to truly get us ready and to deal with any doubts that may still remain.



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