Impress Your Date with These Dating Tips for Men

December 19, 2018
Author: Looking4Love

Are you preparing for a date? Look forward to an unforgettable night of romantic perfection with these handy dating tips for men. Prepare with the purpose of wowing your lady friend by carefully planning a night that brings forth the best version of yourself. Plan your date and plan it well. These dating tips for […]

Common Causes of Marriage Problems

December 12, 2018
Author: Looking4Love

Marriage problems are unavoidable and can either head towards divorce if the issues are too serious, or be fixed through marriage counseling, with a little help of a strong support system. Marital issues can stem from anything, from petty issues to irreconcilable differences. Among the leading causes of marriage problems is the lack of communication. […]

Online Dating Services

November 19, 2018
Author: Looking4Love

Dating has become so much easier with the help of dating services online. It helps you meet and fall in love with anyone from any part of the world. Interestingly, this proves that you don’t need to see someone in other to fall in love with them. What matters is their personality and how they […]

The Three Main Reasons Why People Break up

November 12, 2018
Author: Looking4Love

Assuredly, there are many reasons to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. However, the reasons in this article leads to most break ups. The first reason is being unsupportive, when he/she fails to support you, they unknowingly communicate that you are not worth their time. Granted, this is discouraging especially when you are stressed […]

The Dating Advice You Never Got!

October 19, 2018
Author: Looking4Love

People will always be quick to give you dating advice on how to woo a girl, win her heart and ask her out. Moreover, no one bothers to give you advice on how to stop wasting her time when you fall out of love. If you haven’t had your first breakup, then, fate led you […]

Is It Okay To Seek Advice in Relationships?

October 12, 2018
Author: Looking4Love

If you are among the multitude who believe that seeking advice in relationships is very bad. Then, how would a newbie manage a new relationship? Also, have you tested your belief or confirmed the source of the idea in the first place? Well, the truth is most stories that promote that idea is one-sided. More […]

How to Break Up with Someone

September 29, 2018
Author: Looking4Love

Breaking up can be so easy! You said what? The dilemma, uncertainty, and unpredictable reactions from the “dumpee” are the exact emotions that can make breaking up so difficult. Often times, breaking up with someone could end up as a very dramatic scenario. As the dumper, you want to avoid that especially in cases where […]

Ever heard how talking to a third party could wreck your relationship? It is a true saying. However, those stories or sayings you have heard along that line is just one side of the coin, a one-story syndrome. The right relationship help could restore the lost connection between you and your partner. I and Greg […]

Relationships can be tricky, whether you just started dating someone or you have been married for a long time. No two people are alike and there inevitably will be differences even if you and your significant other have a lot in common. I have been dating my boyfriend for a while now and we have […]

Express your feelings – Say It With A Song! Ever been in a situation where you just couldn’t think of the right words to say? You wanted to tell someone how you felt but you just couldn’t find the right words. Do you find it difficult to express your feelings to your partner?  If so, […]