Is It Okay To Seek Advice in Relationships?

October 12, 2018
Author: Looking4Love

If you are among the multitude who believe that seeking advice in relationships is very bad. Then, how would a newbie manage a new relationship? Also, have you tested your belief or confirmed the source of the idea in the first place? Well, the truth is most stories that promote that idea is one-sided. More […]

How to Break Up with Someone

September 29, 2018
Author: Looking4Love

Breaking up can be so easy! You said what? The dilemma, uncertainty, and unpredictable reactions from the “dumpee” are the exact emotions that can make breaking up so difficult. Often times, breaking up with someone could end up as a very dramatic scenario. As the dumper, you want to avoid that especially in cases where […]

Ever heard how talking to a third party could wreck your relationship? It is a true saying. However, those stories or sayings you have heard along that line is just one side of the coin, a one-story syndrome. The right relationship help could restore the lost connection between you and your partner. I and Greg […]

Relationships can be tricky, whether you just started dating someone or you have been married for a long time. No two people are alike and there inevitably will be differences even if you and your significant other have a lot in common. I have been dating my boyfriend for a while now and we have […]

Express your feelings – Say It With A Song! Ever been in a situation where you just couldn’t think of the right words to say? You wanted to tell someone how you felt but you just couldn’t find the right words. Do you find it difficult to express your feelings to your partner?  If so, […]

Dating Tips Allowed Me To Stay Confident In College

August 13, 2018
Author: Looking4Love

College was a time of dating and figuring out what kind of guy I wanted to be with for me. I didn’t date much in high school but I did date a lot more when I started college. I went to Iowa State University for four years and those were years that I will always […]

My brother got some great dating advice over the years and that helped him to finally get the girl that he wanted. He wasn’t that into dating growing up and he was never the kind of guy that put a lot of effort into trying to impress the ladies. He liked a few girls growing […]

I kind of had a reputation for being “too nice” growing up. People told me I was “the nice cheerleader” in high school and that was a nice compliment in my opinion, but my niceness would get to the point sometimes that I would let people walk all over me. Some of my good friends […]

Being the best person that you can be is very helpful and advantageous in a lot of ways. What I mean by this is being fit and taking great care of your health and your body, taking care of your appearance in general, and being a hard worker at your job and in life in […]

Marriage is tough and it takes a lot of commitment and a lot of sacrifice. There will be tough times and times when you wonder if you have really made the right decision. I am not married, but I hope to be sometime very soon. My boyfriend and I have been talking about getting engaged […]