As you go through life you will always face challenges in your relationships and opportunities to gain a greater appreciation for the ones you are in relationship with. Over the years I have learned that the power of your relationship is measured by the  amount of human interaction (both good and bad) and the personal value generated by that interaction.

There are 12 power principles that exemplify the natural desire to relate to others in a harmonious and mutually supportive manner.  Once you have mastered these principles and know how to apply them in every aspect of your life, you will have a consistently rich, rewarding, and long lasting relationship.

Principle 1 – The Power of selfless giving

Relationships are a two way street. They are about creating a flow of mutual support between you and the other person. The best way to kick start the flow is to give to people and allow the inherent human tendency to flow in the other person to give back. This only happens in a free and open relationship. This is called the boomerang effect.

Principle 2 – The Power of Interdependence

Strong bonds are developed in a relationship when people combine their efforts with the efforts of others to achieve great and memorable successes. When you share yourself deeply and meaningfully with others to help them achieve their goals, bonds are developed that hold your relationship together. The memories of the struggles and the victories you go through together are like memorials that will never be forgotten and give a sense of unity to your relationship. Tip#1: Don’t be too proud to let your partner know you need them.   Tip #2: Be there for your partner when they need you!

Principle 3 – The Power of Connecting

Building a strong connection with your partner is the best way to grow your relationship. It is easy to get busy and take the relationship for granted. But relationships must be maintained and nurtured in order to blossom and grow. Unconditional support, loyalty, and constant communication are a few examples of ways to stay connected.  Others are giving words of appreciation, taking time to listen, noticing and celebrating accomplishments,  and remembering special occasions.

These are the first three principles, check back for the remainder of the principles. In the mean time, as homework, start focusing on these three and you’ll be one your way to enriching you relationship more than ever imagined.

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