3 Key Building Blocks of Lasting Relationships

November 8, 2011
Author: KLTBrown

sm_icon_buildingrelationshipsEver wondered where to start when it come to building a relationship? Ever thought about what it takes to sustain a healthy relationship? Here are three key building blocks that should be the foundation of your relationship whether it’s friendship, family, love or marriage.

The first is courtesy. This is the key to initiating a relationship. It involves respecting the other person and giving them the necessary consideration and politeness. It involves valuing the person for their opinions, their beliefs, their outlook on life, and their potential contribution to the relationship. In addition, you must learn to celebrate their uniqueness and originality. You should never treat them based on a stereotype or a typecast but always looking for the true individual with all the many facets of their personality and character. This is what I call giving a person a common courtesy.

The next key ingredient is compassion. You must learn to empathize or identify with the individual and their situation and sympathize with and be supportive of the individual as they attempt to deal with their situations. You must try to be understanding even when their logic and decisions are different from yours. Lastly you must never be judgmental or critical in your dealings with them. This type of compassionate attitude will go far to build a strong and lasting relationship.

The last key ingredient is kindness. This involves being willing to go beyond what is deserved or warranted. It means going the extra mile to be helpful, gentle, benevolent, and thoughtful. In a world where people rarely get what they deserve, do your best to give the individual more than what they deserve. Give them more attention, more thoughtfulness, more tolerance, more love, and more acceptance than they really deserve. This is a key ingredient to a fulfilling relationship because believe it or not, you reap what you sow, and what goes around eventually comes around. Soon you will be on the receiving side of all these acts of kindness.

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