Your heart is broken and your ego has taken a tremendous hit due to your break up. The one that you love has rejected you. The one person that you put all your faith in has found you unworthy. This psychological blow can cause you to feel horrible about yourself. You feel a real pain in your chest where your heart is and your life has lost its meaning. You might be having a very difficult time doing anything these days and dealing with all of these emotions can be overwhelming.

Maybe you hope to get back together with your ex or you just want to move on and forget about them, the first step in both instances is to heal your broken heart. Dealing with the emotions from a devastating break up is necessary if you hope to move on and if you hope to get your ex back. Chances are you were nothing like this when you first met the love of your life and right now you’re present mental state doesn’t give you an advantage to either move on or get your ex back. The sooner you get feeling better about yourself, the sooner you can begin living again and then make the decision about what you want to do with your life. The time is not to deal with the pain and anger from your breakup.

There are constructive ways of doing this and destructive ways of dealing with your break up. Gaining closure or venting these emotions by breaking things or yelling at your ex might feel good in the moment but they are not constructive ways of dealing with the pain. Confronting your ex with anger or hate is just going to come back to bite you in the long run even if you decide to move on. On the other hand, if you don’t feel somewhat angry for being dumped then there is something wrong. Once you start to feel upset towards your ex then you should know that you’re on the right path to healing your broken heart.

Know that no matter what happened before the break up, chances are you didn’t deserve to be dumped. You are a good person and you were good enough for your ex to say that they would love you, right? What happened? Love doesn’t simply disappear. Maybe you made a mistake or did something wrong but don’t you deserve to be forgiven? Maybe you tried too hard to make things right or it was too little too late but don’t you think that you deserve a second chance? Once you start to get feeling better about yourself and start loving yourself you will begin to feel some anger and resentment towards your ex for quitting on you and your relationship.

If you find yourself struggling with your feelings towards your ex and you notice that you’re putting them on a pedestal, take a closer look at who your ex really is. Find the faults that you might have overlooked because you did or do love them so much. Each of us has flaws. For some of us these flaws are quite glaring and for others they may be hidden from friends and family but you know them. Take an hour or so and write down anything that you can think of that used to bother you about your ex. You can start with the little things and work your way up but once you get some momentum you might find that your vision of your ex is more clear than it was before. Realize that you weren’t dumped by someone that was perfect in every way. You were dumped by someone that was as flawed as you.

On this list of flaws you can start the ball rolling by including things like times when your ex didn’t return text messages. Think of times when they said something that hurt your feelings or make you feel inferior to them. Remember the times when you went out of your way to make your ex feel loved and they didn’t appreciate it or failed to reciprocate at some later date. Look at a picture of your ex and realize that there are people out there that are more attractive than your ex and deep down inside your ex is full of all the same fears and insecurities that we all have. Pick your ex apart and make them human again instead of some perfect person that you have made them in your mind. See your ex’s faults and heal your heart. Realize that they are no better then you at all.

Right now you are probably still very much in love with your ex. That’s fine. It’s actually a good thing. In the end, the choice will be up to you whether you want to get back together with your ex and these exercises will help you to regain your self confidence and relax a little bit about actually getting your ex back. But in the meantime, you need to understand that your ex isn’t the last person on the face of the planet. There are other people out there just as nice as your ex who would be happy to get to know you and who might even fall in love with you. Most of us are attracted to a person physically before anything else so spend a little time at least looking at what’s out there. It really will help you heal your broken heart.

Even though you are going to feel weird about this, take a look at some online dating websites. Just surf some of the profiles of people that are looking for someone and imagine what it would be like to have one of these people fall in love with you. You might have a bit of a knee-jerk reaction and say that you don’t want anyone other than your ex and that’s fine but go take a look anyway. These sites are full of people desperate to meet someone nice who is loving and caring and serious about a relationship. Remember that you do have options and remove some of the power that your ex has over you right now.

All of these tips and tricks will help you to get over your broken heart. Working through these emotions will help you begin to live a more normal life again and take some of the sting out of your breakup. Work through each of these methods and see if they can help you to start feeling better about yourself and your situation. After all, the first step in getting your ex back is to rebuild your self esteem and get back to being the person that they fell in love with in the first place.

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