Gratitude – The Lost Art in Relationships

March 8, 2016
Author: KLTBrown
Gratitude - How you say Thank You

The Art of Gratitude – How to say Thank You

Gratitude is a missing ingredient in our relationships today. Many failed relationship are caused by people who simply do not know how to express gratitude and say thank you. The responsibility to express genuine gratitude is often overlooked or downplayed as something unimportant. But many opportunities are missed and blessings forfeited by people who do not take the time or effort to show gratitude.

The art of gratitude is an art that few take the time to master but those who do are richly rewarded in all their relationships.  You would be surprised to know how this simple art can improve your relationships as well as improve your quality of life. It is the key to keeping the relationship rewarding, alive and vibrant.

I often hear the common complaint from couples that their partner does not appreciate anything that they do. In fact, there are married couples who have come to accept the fact that they are just not appreciated. Usually, this is a result of the partner not knowing how to show gratitude and appreciation. Sadly enough they do not understand that its more than just saying thank you.  They think that a simple “thank you” is all there is to it. But true gratitude goes so much farther.  Genuine gratitude is expressed not only in words, but in deeds, attitude and demeanor.

In addition to mere words, gratitude should also be expressed in deeds and actions. These actions should show an attempt to reciprocate the actions for which you are grateful and should be tailored to the individual you are trying to thank. For instance, if it is a child you are showing gratitude to, you should tailor your response to actions that a child would relate to i.e. a high five, a fist bump, or even a big bear hug. On the other hand, if it’s your spouse or partner, your response should be that of an affectionate kiss, hug, or squeeze. The key is doing something that is appropriate and received as being genuine.

The next important factor in showing gratitude is your attitude. If you are showing gratitude reluctantly or as if you are being forced it will show in your attitude. Many people have made the mistake of saying “thank you” with their mouth and saying “no thank you” with their attitude. An act of gratitude with no emotion is not gratitude at all. It’s just a ritual going through the motions. What you really need to learn to do is show gratitude with excitement, with positive attitude, and with high emotion. This is what people respond to and this is what causes people to want to do even more for you.

The last and most important thing you need to do to effectively express your gratitude is SMILE. So many people forget to do this simple thing and without it you negate all the other things you do. The worst thing you can do when expressing gratitude is to do it with a frown, scowl, or blank expression on your face. No one believes you are grateful and if you were really grateful you would have notified your face.  So get in the mirror and practice saying thank you with a smile. Don’t let the size of the gesture dictate the size of your smile. Smile big for the little things people do for you and smile big for the big things. Let them know you are appreciative and smile. When they see your smile, hear your words, sense your excitement, and  feel your gestures, they will FEEL appreciated and be motivated to do even more for you.  That’s the art of gratitude.

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