10 Surprising Reasons a Man Loses Interest in His Wife

February 2, 2016
Author: KLTBrown
Reasons he loses interest

10 Reasons he loses interest

Many times you see couples breaking up after many years of marriage and you wonder why. What happened? What would cause a man to walk away from his marriage? Or better yet, what are the reasons a man loses interest in his wife after all those years?  It’s easy to assume right away that there must be another woman. Well the truth is, it’s not always about another woman although that may be the outcome over time. But sometimes it can be about the woman he has and the woman that she has become.

Here are some seldom discussed and often overlooked and misunderstood reasons why a man loses interest in his wife. No matter how you try to argue them away, these reasons are real and are often at the root of a man’s attitude, outlook and interest level concerning his wife and his marriage.

  1. Sex and intimacy become routine and no longer spontaneous and exciting
  2. Wife’s attitude about sex is “Have to” out of obligation rather than “Want to” out of desire.  The wife is no longer passionate but passive.
  3. Lack of verbal affirmation after sexual intimacy or after quality time together.
  4. Extramarital affairs or relationships result in unfair comparisons with other couples and other women.
  5. Wife’s inability to focus on her husband and block out other household issues. It is easy for women to be consumed with other things and forget to give her husband the attention he desires.
  6. Wife loses creativity and playfulness during intimacy. Many couples get stuck in a rut when it comes to intimacy and fail to expand their sexual vocabulary as years go by. Many wives are unwilling to communicate their desires and fantasies to their husbands and as a result their husband is reluctant to share their desires and fantasies.
  7. Husband loses ability to perform like he did in his younger days and becomes overly self conscious and avoids sexual intimacy.
  8. Wife loses interest in being sexy in her appearance, smell, talk, and attitude. Many wives tend to relax  around their husband and not maintain a sexy appearance. They dress up and smell good when they go to work or church but do nothing when they are spending time with their husband.
  9. Daily routines and stress cause tiredness and exhaustion and added stress occurs when he’s with his wife.
  10. Finally, husband and wife grow apart after years of focusing on other things (kids, jobs, parents, etc.) and not the marriage. The husband no longer is he center of attention and neither is the wife.

One thing that most women forget is that their men have a deep seated desire to be wanted and appreciated. Although the love languages may be different, the message still has to be the same; I need you, I want you, and I appreciate you! That’s what all men want to hear. If they don’t hear it, it won’t be long before they will lose interest.

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