Not So Obvious Reasons To Break Up

August 5, 2009
Author: KLTBrown

We all know that infidelity, abuse or criminal activities are good reasons to breakup with your significant other. Society has come a long way in the past 20 years regarding the domestic roles of women and men. Although this progression is positive, people are still getting married when there are good reasons to break-up. Divorces are very costly – emotionally and financially – for more than just the two involved.

Don’t get yourself stuck in this situation! Recognize the reason to break up before it’s too late. Here are some thoughts that you should consider when deciding on taking the next step or calling it quits:

1. Compare the person you are now to the person you were before the relationship began – Were you happier then? How have the other elements of your life changed, such as work, friendships, and family? Do you think you’re better off now?

2. Consider the progression of your relationship with your significant other – First of all, has it been an easy progression? If the first year was rough, imagine what the 10th year would be like! Next, think about why you started dating each other in the first place. Why did you continue past the first date/week? This may involve things that you had in common or things that you enjoyed doing together. Are these elements still present in your relationship, or has the spark diminished?

3. Imagine your future if you stay in the relationship – Last, but not least, after you think about where you are and how you got there, consider where you’re going? Think about kids, career, retirement, etc. You know what you want for your life, is that what your partner wants too?

I recognize that many couples get divorced too fast, but I think the bigger problem is that couples get married too fast. You should not proceed in a relationship just because you’re sick of playing the dating game or you don’t want to be alone. Take some time to consider these things and see if you have reasons to break up before it’s too late.



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