Romantic Relationships

March 6, 2012
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Where are all the romantics? Is the art of romance dead? I don’t think so. Think it is alive and well but just hiding in all of us. But you may ask what I mean by it being in all of us. Aren’t there persons who are not romantic and don’t have romance on the inside? The answer depends on what you mean by romance. So lets a little closer at what we mean.

Here’s a quote I ran across in my search for information: “Romance is many different things to many different people. It can mean kissing in the rain, it can mean holding a door open, showing respect, buying flowers, moving a seat, supporting an arm, making a Valentine’s card, creating surprises for your loved one, even helping them when they are in need, but it generally relates directly to affection and togetherness. Romance is the art of demonstrating your feelings in an outward fashion and making someone feel special. You won’t be romantic to someone you don’t want romance with, so it is a coming together of two like minded people that allows romance to flourish.”

Unfortunately, today we live in a passionless world where sex has become main stream. Many confuse sex with romance, but sex is not romance. Sex is exactly that, sex. It may be part of romance, it may be integral to love and a relationship, but romance is something altogether different. Romance seems to be missing because in today’s society people are so busy, so directional, so selfish, and so needy for the things and less concerned about relationships. Although we hate to admit it, but we do first, what helps ourselves, and then secondly we help others. With romance, your own needs must be subjugated to allow for the benefit of your chosen partner.

Many don’t understand, but romance is in the eyes of the beholder. Men are often accused of not being romantic, and being too practical instead. That may be true but it is not fair to men to say that all the time. The practicality of men often demonstrates their romantic nature. By fixing something up, be repairing , mending, doing, helping, that’s often a man showing consideration, effort, attention, affection and yes, ladies, romance! The problem is, the lady doesn’t always see it that way. In the same manner, men may not equate a nice home cooked meal, a clean house, fresh clean bed sheets, etc as being romantic but believe it or can be.

Romance is about small thoughts and expression, about giving and feeling, about caring for someone and wanting to show someone how special they are. It’s about the details, about the small things in life that you put a lot of attention into especially to make someone else’s life better in one way or another. Now that is romance. That ability and that potential lies in all of us although it may be hidden deep within our character. It just takes a concerted effort to dig it out, brush it off and use it.  Fro more information of romantic relationships visit us at Hope it helps…



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