Needle_Haystack_imagesFinding the right partner in the today’s vast dating pool may sometimes feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. If you have ever felt that way I have some good news for you. Finding a needle in a haystack may not be as hard as you think if you have a strong magnet. The key to finding that perfect partner amongst the sea of potential partners is having a magnet big enough and strong enough to make that perfect partner rise from the bottom of the haystack to the surface where you can find them.

So many people spend so much time doing so many things to attract so many people only to realize that all they have done is taken the hay from one stack and piled it into another stack without getting any closer to finding the needle. The rush to get through the pile will many times cause you to miss the needle that is right in your face. You will spend so much time looking at the hay and wondering if it is a needle or not. So instead of focusing on how fast you can sift through the pile or how good you can filter through the hay, you should turn your focus to strengthening your magnet and letting your magnet do the work. Remember, the needle will be attracted to the magnet not the hay.

Being the best you that you can be, being the happiest you that you can be, being the most confident you that you can be, and being the most positive you that you can be are that best places to start. This will definitely strengthen your magnet and bring that needle to the surface. You’ll be surprise to know that strong magnets will always attract other strong magnets and a strong magnet is what you want. Don’t be discouraged when the person you think you are attracting is not interested. Just know that they are not the needle you are looking for, they are just hay. So when that happens just say “Hey!”. The needle you are looking for will always be attracted to your magnet.

Finally, remember that the dating dilemma is not something that you are dealing with alone. All of the people out there are dealing with the same dilemma. So you have to choices: 1) Go with the crowd and dive into your haystack with hopes that you will somehow stumble across your needle, or 2) Get out of the haystack and strengthen your magnet…and watch that needle in the haystack, that perfect partner, rise to the surface.

The choice is yours,

Hope it helps



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