The search for Mr./Ms. Right can sometimes be a long and frustrating experience.  Romantic relationships don’t often come by luck but rather, as the cliche’ says, “when opportunity and preparedness meet”.  The sad truth is that opportunities abound but they are often overlooked by the unprepared. Even when potential relationships do not progress as anticipated, many times frustration will cause us to just give up and begin looking elsewhere. However, it would be to our best interest to spend time fostering that potential connection with a possible partner in anticipation that Mr./Ms. Right will soon appear.

If you feel romantic about someone, by all means flirt and clearly communicate that you are interested in pursuing the relationship past friendship so that the other person knows of your interest. Take it slow, but not too slow!  Whatever you do, endeavor to do whatever you can so that the initial excitement and momentum do not fade away. Within that initial excitement and momentum you will usually find your answer.  (Is this Mr./Ms. Right?) Once you have your answer your next steps will be easily determined from there.

Remember these tips for singles who want to be prepared:

1) Always define yourself by who you are, not by who you’re with. Don’t try to be everything to everybody. Just aim to be the best “you” you can be.

2) Build your confidence.  Men and women alike are attracted to confident people with high self-esteem. Lack of confidence is easily detected by potential partners.  It gives off the vibe that you aren’t ready to fully enjoy a new relationship with someone because you aren’t yet content with yourself. To help build confidence, you can read Dale Carnegie’s book, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

3) Know thyself, don’t fool thyself! Take the time to know yourself, develop your personality, and learn to like yourself. These are important skills to have before seeking a mate. You’ll be better prepared and equipped to approach a new partner with more to offer.

4) Invest in yourself. You might want to think about taking a self-esteem seminar, or maybe a workshop about building relationships. There are so many  books to read on relationships and dating that there is no excuse for ignorance.  Check out the website where you’ll find relationship tips and advice and lots of step-by-step instructions on approaching men and women, making the transition from friendship to romantic relationship, and ultimately finding the elusive Mr./Ms. Right.



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