Tips for Women – Controlling Your Reactions

December 7, 2010
Author: KLTBrown

Women are usually more emotional when it come to relationships. As a result they can easily fall into the trap of over reacting to things. My advice is always this, It’s better to respond than to react. Response assumes that you have thought about and weighed the situation and, based on the information you have,  you have come to a decision on how you will respond.  This is much better than reacting immediately to the situation and thinking about it later,  usually with remorse.

Women, did you know that your reaction to certain situations reveals a lot about how you’ll treat a man during a confrontation? It’s true. Therefore these tips for women are provided to give you something to think about BEFORE you react to a situation.

Let me ask you a few questions:

1. How do you respond when you receive what you perceive as poor customer service?

I’m not asking whether or not you get upset, because if the service or product is poor, it is natural to be upset. I am specifically interested in your reaction and/or response to that substandard service or product.

Imagine a situation where you as a customer feel that a product or service did not live up to your expectations. You contact the company to address the matter, and connect with an employee of the company who is paid to assist you. The service employee is accountable to his/her supervisor for his/her words and actions. You, on the other hand, as the customer, are not bound by having to report your actions to anyone. You can yell, curse or overreact because you feel entitled to your anger. It isn’t that you want
to be upset, it’s that in this situation, you feel taken advantage of, and your primary way of defending yourself will ultimately be revealed.

Depending on how you react in such a situation here’s the good news (or bad news)…

Any man you have a relationship with will eventually be treated the same way that you treated the Customer Service Representative. Guaranteed.

No matter how wonderful he is, at some point he’s going to do something that makes you feel like he’s taking advantage of you. He may do this on purpose or accidentally. However, date him long enough (or even
marry him), and he’s going to do something that makes you feel like defending yourself. Once you have attained a level of comfort in the relationship, you’ll feel justified in reacting to him the same way you did the Customer Service Rep.

2. Wouldn’t it be better if you learned to think with your heart first so you knew how to set limits without overreacting?

Perhaps you’re thinking, “I’ll just tell him what I don’t like, and since he loves me, he just won’t ever do it.” If you really believe that then you’re going to struggle in a relationship. You may date or even marry someone who seems wonderful, but he’ll always disappoint you in some area – guaranteed. And,
when he does, you will likely react the same way with him as you do in other situations that have upset you.

What’s the alternative?

Allow your man to “take advantage of you on “small things,” and NEVER tolerate his poor behavior on large issues.

3. If you honestly look at how you react to situations when you feel wronged, what do you see about yourself?

4. Is this a healthy way to react? How might this reaction style impact your relationship?

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