Tips on Giving A Good Maid of Honor Speech

May 2, 2011
Author: KLTBrown

So you’re the maid of honor at the upcoming wedding. Here are some useful tips to make your Maid of honor wedding speech a memorable one.

First lets talk about what is expected from you as the Maid of Honor. The maid of honor has a high-ranking position in a wedding. She is the brides’ aide and helps the bride with hair, makeup, as well as dressing. The maid of honor is most of the time the brides’ best friend but is not married; this is where the title maid of honor comes from a Maid is unwed.

The Maid of honor will also stand on the side of the bride during the ceremony and is dressed to match the brides Maids, these are other close friends of the bride as well.

Once the wedding ceremony is finished and the bride and the groom are now husband and wife. The wedding participants and guests usually move to another location for the reception. This is a celebration for family and guests to congratulate the husband and wife on their new journey through life. The reception is the time families introduce themselves and become acquainted with each other. This is because now the wedding, the family of the groom, also joins two families and the family of the bride all become one larger family.

The reception is also where the groom, bride, best man, maid of honor and any other members involved stand up and make short speeches in honor or the bride and the groom. The Maid of honor’s speech usually directed towards the bride and will tell things like how wonderful a friend the bride is to all her friends. The speech usually focuses on the best qualities of the bride and areas where the bride is the strongest and what one quality everyone loves about the bride the most.

The Maid of honors speech is much like the speech the best man gives only it brings out the special quality and gentleness of the bride. This is from the best friend of the bride, the one person who knows the bride better than almost any one else. The Maid of honors speech is spoken with true love and honesty and expresses her devotion to her best friend the bride. No other person in the brides’ life could say these words like A Maid of honor can.

The maid of honor and the bride are the very best of friends and the emotion they feel for each other often comes out during the maid of honor’s speech. Tears of  joy sometimes fill the room during the Maid of honor’s speech. This is because she is happy that her friend, the bride, has found her soul mate.

Even though the bride is now married, she and the Maid of honor will remain best friends. This bond does not end when a woman gets married. The bride and Maid of honor will constantly be there for each other. During the entire reception, no other speech will be like the one given by the maid of honor.

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