What Constitutes Healthy Relationships

January 20, 2016
Author: KLTBrown

Healthy relationships take time and effort. Nothing takes the place of the hard work and constant effort needed to maintain good healthy relationships.

Healthy relationships are an ongoing process. You cannot compare them to a one-time investment that guarantees lifelong returns. Unfortunately, this is where most couples go wrong. A partner who believes that merely putting food on the table, taking care of the kids, or sending an occasional bouquet of flowers is enough to take care of relationship needs is naive and has a lot to learn.

Healthy relationships with the opposite sex require two things. First they require your desire to work on your own shortcomings and second, they require the desire of both people to strengthen their bond.

Essential ingredients required for healthy relationships are:

Self esteem: You must be confidence that your partner will respect you no matter what the situation. A lack of self esteem will prevent you from having a happy relationship. Any signs of intentional disrespect are signs of an unhealthy relationship.
Self control: Self control means letting go of all negative behavior that you know will destroy your relationships. Jealousy, anger, aggression, and dishonesty are negative behaviors that make healthy relationships impossible.
Personal space: There is a difference between shutting someone out of your life and maintaining your own personal space. By taking time out for yourself, indulging in hobbies, and meeting with your own set of friends, you can ensure that the relationship does not suffocate you or your partner.
Make important decisions together: Never decide on important matters such as money, mortgages, college, or vacations without consulting the other person. Even if you are sure that your partner doesn’t have a problem with your plans, it doesn’t hurt to check with them first. It will avert the “I’m being taken for granted” complaints later on.

If you can maintain healthy relationships, your life will be happier, more productive, and less burdened with stress and disease.

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