Welcome back to the fourth and final chapter of the 12 Power Principles To Enrich Your Relationship series. By now you should have had plenty of time to study and put into practice the previous nine principles. By now you should have seen the results and reaped the benefits of putting these principles into action […]

12 Warning Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship

May 16, 2011
Author: KLTBrown

It is so sad to hear stories of people trapped in an unhealthy relationship and they can’t seem to get out of for one of two reasons. 1) They don’t realize or accept that the relationship is unhealthy or 2) they don’t have the emotional strength or courage to break free thinking that if they […]

Welcome back to the third chapter of the 12 Power Principles To Enrich Your Relationship series. I hope you have studied part one and part two of this series and have begun to put these principles into action in your everyday relationships. If you have, I’m sure you’re beginning to see the benefits and the […]

As you go through life you will always face challenges in your relationships but remember, every relationship problem is just another opportunity to gain a greater appreciation for the ones you are in relationship with. Over the years I have learned that the power of your relationship is measured by theĀ  amount of human interaction […]

3 Reasons Relationships Fail

January 30, 2011
Author: KLTBrown

Your relationship will have a much better chance of succeeding if you can find a way to avoid all three of these reasons most relationships fail. It’s like the potholes in the road, many people see them but few people find a way to avoid them before they run into them. Here are a few […]

I have talked to many people who are in the throws of a relationship problems or a relationship that is on rocky ground and the one common thing I recognized is that people have allowed the situations to destroy their sense of humor. They have the tendency to take things way to seriously and allow […]