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Tips for Women – Spicy Ingredients For Passion

December 9, 2010
Author: KLTBrown

Hey Ladies, here’s some hot spicy ingredients  you may want to add to your relationship recipe to make your man feel overwhelmed with passion for you. These also are the main ingredients other women will use to snatch him right from under your nose.  Sometimes you may treat your man like a  daddy or sometimes […]

Tips for Women – Controlling Your Reactions

December 7, 2010
Author: KLTBrown

Women are usually more emotional when it come to relationships. As a result they can easily fall into the trap of over reacting to things. My advice is always this, It’s better to respond than to react. Response assumes that you have thought about and weighed the situation and, based on the information you have,  […]

Advice For Men – Tips on Treating Her Right

December 1, 2010
Author: KLTBrown

In my internet travels I ran across this snippet of advice for men delivered from a woman’s point of view. Guys take notes. It may come in handy some day.  The first 12 are tips on how to get her and once you get her, how to treat her right and keep her.  Following that […]

Dating Tips – Avoiding Confusion

November 29, 2010
Author: KLTBrown

Here’s some to the point dating tips for women that are presented from a man’s point of view and cut to the heart of the frustration women have when it comes to getting a relationship started and overcoming the confusion that often occurs when signals are crossed between a guy and a girl. If your […]

Dating Advice – Rules for Daters

November 22, 2010
Author: KLTBrown

I found this dating advice and thought it would be a good review for those of you who are actively dating.  As with all rules, they are made to be broken, but keep in mind that coloring outside the box might not be bad unless you have more color outside the box then inside. There […]

Your Happiness – Your Responsibility

October 22, 2010
Author: KLTBrown

There are many people who are oblivious to this often allusive and hidden reason for the majority of our relationship problems. It has to do with the simple concept of being happy. Taking the responsibility for your own happiness and not depending on someone else. Many times a potential soul mate is driven away because […]

Relationship Tips – How to Take Criticism

September 2, 2010
Author: KLTBrown

One of the main problems in relationships is the inability of partners to take feedback and criticism. Many times constructive criticism can end up being destructive to the relationship.  This doesn’t have to be the case is we understand what criticism really is. Lets first define criticism in a way that will make this topic […]

Ever wonder why some people are easily noticed in a crowded room and some go totally unnoticed? This relationship tip for both women and men will get you noticed if you practice it on a regular basis. I saw this story about Ian Ziering (from the popular 1990’s TV show 90210) that describes his first […]

In my searching around the internet I ran across these tips for guys on knowing when a woman is attracted to you.  I hope these relationship tips and advice for men will help you decide if she is worth pursuing or if you are just wasting your time. Before we start here’s a background note.  […]

The Truth About Unequal Relationships

March 24, 2010
Author: KLTBrown

Are you one of the many who wonder if they’re in an unequal relationship? Do you even know what an unequal relationship is?  Well this information may help to first explain what an unequal relationship is and secondly, how to determine if you’re in one. The idea of a “equal” relationship is often puzzling and […]