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Early climax is obviously a male problem which doesn’t simply spoil the two lovers’ sexual pleasure: it additionally decreases the sexual partners’ sexual self-esteem.

Relationships Are Like Pencils

October 1, 2014
Author: KLTBrown

After giving it some thought, I had an epiphany concerning modern day relationships. What I have discovered is that many modern day relationships are treated like they are common everyday pencils. I’m sure you’ve never thought about it this way but let me explain what I mean. For some people, a relationship is of little […]

Your Best Bet For Getting Your Girlfriend Back

September 2, 2014
Author: admin

Are you frustrated with your attempts to try to get back together with your ex? Do well meaning conversations turn into battles where you are constantly trying to defend yourself?

Are You In A Healthy or Unhealthy Relationship?

May 10, 2014
Author: KLTBrown

Most of us are so desperate to be in a relationship that we often don’t wait to find out if we are in a healthy or unhealthy relationship. Television dramas, romantic comedies, and books have turned many of us into a generation of women longing for love and often finding it in all the wrong […]

How To Text A Girl You Like

March 29, 2014
Author: admin

It’s not about being the most dominant guy. It’s about being the most creative guy and taking risks. Creativity comes before dominance because the creative guy can adapt to situations and make things fun and pull people into an emotionally driven world. The creative guy can create dominance by taking risks.My number 1 rule in text messaging a girl for the first time is to get her laughing. Usually I don’t like to even get someone on the phone it’s either meeting up with someone or text messaging.Do you ever wonder why women always watch drama filled TV shows on the LIFETIME network or even prime time TV? It’s because all women love drama whether they admit to it or not, in fact most women will say to your face that they despise drama despite the fact they are creating whirlwinds of it in their own lives, like moths to a flame they cannot help the irresistible urge to go to where the drama is.

How To Get A Girls Number Without Asking

December 31, 2013
Author: admin

You really want to know how to get a girl’s number? To start, let’s clear your mind of all the cheesy ways you have seen guys behave in person, in the movies, or even from a fantasy in your mind regarding how you would ask for her phone number. To a girl, a phone number is often regarded as a private matter and getting that number means she trusts you and likes you enough to give it. You want to respect that, even though to you it is not a big deal since it is just a phone number.

The Tao Of Badass

October 16, 2013
Author: admin

Many people are raving about Joshua Pellicer’s dating material. This Tao of Badass Review will show you a glimpse on his advice in having a conversation with someone you’re attracted to. Starting a conversation can be difficult. There are many factors in play that prevent men from approaching women and striking a conversation. If you are a man who has a rough time starting a conversation and keeping it going, then this Review is just right for you. If you can’t start a conversation, there is no way for a relationship to develop. This is one of the most basic skills that men must learn. In this review you will get an overview of what author Joshua Pellicer shares with his audience. He believes that you can get the woman of your dreams by applying his tips and advice.

Know 5 Tips To Court A Philippines Girl

September 21, 2013
Author: admin

Five tips on how to court a Filipino woman:

You have heard that Filipinas make amazing wives. But in the city as big and as busy as yours, where can you meet them? Let me give you some tips.

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