pre2My brother was never someone who obsessed over finding the perfect relationship. In high school, he was really focused on his academics and he never got too upset over girls that he liked or over a relationship. He didn’t date much in high school and didn’t date that much in college either. After college, he was finally ready to start focusing on his romantic life.

With some good dating advice, my brother was able to get into the dating scene and be successful. He dated a lot after college and is now in a great relationship and will be getting married soon. It is so awesome to see him focus on love and have the benefits of a great relationship when he was so absorbed in his career and academics for so long.

Quality dating advice for men allowed my brother to build confidence around women and learn how to date them and impress them. For example, he changed up his wardrobe and started buying some nice button-down shirts and nice pants instead of wearing free t-shirts he got from various clubs in college all the time. Finding some good advice really helped my brother to have success in an aspect of his life he neglected for a long time.



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