pre1I had a lot of heartbreak in high school and through college, and I really got discouraged through the years. I was always obsessed with what guys thought of me and worked really hard to be the girl that I thought guys wanted me to be. High school and college were times of falling in love hard for me and putting in tons of time and effort into impressing guys.

With all of the effort that I put into impressing the guys I liked, all I got was heartbreak for a long time. The guys that I liked never ended up liking me the way I wanted them to and the guys that were obsessed with me were never the ones that I was interested in. However, through all of the heartache, I tried hard not to give up on love.

With some good break up advice, I finally found the right relationship and the right guy. I stayed strong and kept all of my workouts and efforts up despite facing heartbreak over and over again. The advice that I got really helped me to stay optimistic and to know that I was doing the right thing by keeping up my healthy habits and not letting my sadness get to me. Eventually, my efforts did pay off and I fell hard for a guy who felt the exact same way.



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