Emotion Tools – Dating Advice for Men

October 5, 2020
Author: Looking4Love

It’s no surprise that girls are more open to talk about relationships and dating advice with each other than boys. The openness is almost everywhere to a girl – magazines, games, even talk shows are mainly geared toward girls and filled with topics like what are boys thinking, what do they like, and what does a successful match look and feel like. Even in today’s age where gender is becoming less binary and sexuality is more fluid, those resources are still sparse for boys. The first item to tackle is toxic masculinity, which does not help men or women or anyone in between. It is a constantly theme in women circles that their partner is not as emotionally intelligent as them, or has communication issues. That’s why the need for dating advice for men is still a hot commodity as we work our way towards a future where men do not need specific dating advice when they find themselves scrambling for relationship and dating help.

The advice given to men is typically what women have heard all their lives for what to do to make a connection with someone. For example, being confident, but not cocky. This a line that some women also have trouble walking along, but across the board if you are confident in yourself and know you are a great person to get to know, then most likely the person you are dating will pick up on those feelings in a positive way. Another typical piece of advice is to look your best. Especially these days when people are dressing more for comfort, it is best to try and look your best to someone you are dating. Even though someone should like you for who you are, it is nice to look presentable and be a reflection of your self-worth.

However, there are some words of advice that does make sense to present to a man than a woman. For example, finding meeting locations that are public and driving separate for the first few dates. This presents to the woman that her safety is the most important thing on a guy’s mind. Another piece of advice is to not move too fast. Especially these days with online dating, there is a level of anxiety that comes with it. Moving fast might pressure and push away a woman that otherwise would’ve been a good match. For now, cultivating good dating advice for men will help them in the long run to being more emotionally intelligent matches.



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