Break Up Advice Worth Taking

November 8, 2020
Author: Looking4Love

Being in love is one of the best natural highs one can experience in a lifetime. Being in love stays with you for days, weeks, even months when you find a special person that you feel so compatible with. You want to spend as much time as possible with that person, and you can’t imagine your life without them. There is not a day that goes by that you aren’t thinking about plans for trips to exciting places or dates trying out new restaurants. You feel so completely whole and ready to take on the world with your newfound happiness. But sometimes, love isn’t enough, and relationships don’t always work. Even if the initial spark is so exciting and intoxicating, it is not enough to sustain a relationship with red flags and doomed from the start. When this is realized or acknowledged by the person in love, it can be so devastating – You don’t want to get out of bed, you lose sleep, and even lose interest in daily activities. It is easy to feel like you can’t survive and that the world is ending. You might even feel so alone in your awful feelings. But there is always someone around the corner that has been in your shoes. Heartbreak is one of the best ways to bond and relate to people you otherwise never would. Finding break up advice is something almost everyone can provide.

When you allow yourself to be vulnerable and talk to someone about your relationship that did not work and broke your heart, you are allowing a connection to happen between you and someone. That shared sadness and trauma is enough to turn strangers into friends. The problem is that not everyone gives good break up advice. Some people give terrible break up advice – This might include hooking up with as many other people as possible, or breaking the windows on your ex’s car. Any advice that involves self-destructive, and pain destructive behavior, is never a good way to go about healing. Anyone that tries to tell you that you need to do something hurtful, and downright hateful, is not giving you the advice that is going to help you heal your heart.

The best thing about advice about breaking up is that once you are healed up, you are now a person that can give good advice. You can now help guide and heal another person that is also grappling with a broken heart and need a shoulder to cry on.



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