Dating Tips Have Helped Me Not Waste Time

March 7, 2017
Author: Looking4Love

I am in my late twenties and I am really wanting to settle down and to find someone I am sure is the right one soon. I have been dating a lot but have been having trouble finding the right guy. What has been happening lately is that I quickly get bored of a guy and realize that he is not right for me. This has happened with the last few guys I have dated.

I had had short relationships but I also have had some long relationships that ended up being a waste of my time of the guy’s time as well. I dated a few guys who I wasn’t sure about from the start and I dated them despite the red flags and us having different ideas about religion and starting a family and what we wanted in life.

Now that I have matured a lot, I have realized the importance of not wasting time and of asking the difficult questions right away. I know that a guy who does not want to have kids is not the right one for me and I am no longer wasting time with these kinds of guys. With some awesome dating tips, I feel confident to be closer to finding a guy I could settle down with.



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