How to Find True Love

June 17, 2013
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[I:] True love is something beautiful to come by. When you are able to meet that person that helps you become a better you, and vice versa, you know that you have something good. People search for this on a daily basis and that is why we are giving you some advice on how to find true love. (Image by CourtneyCarmody via Flickr)

Below are 14 ways to help make it happen. You may be surprised to learn that true love is not only attainable – it may be closer than you think.

1. Love does not just drop out of the sky, you have to make it.

2. For love to occur you must be honest with yourself.

3. You commit to your own truth by dedicating yourself to becoming aware of the complex and wide range of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences as they continually shift and change.

4. Awareness will occur once you are able to see how your experiences move you.

5. You move beyond your blocks to truth by learning to observe your thoughts and feelings in a compassionate way, even if those thoughts or feelings are scary or inconvenient.

6. Once you are committed to your own truth, you can work to create a romantic true love relationship.

7. In order for true love to aspire, you must have a partner that is honest and truthful with themself.

8. If you find some one that is truthful just as you are, your relationship will bud.

9. In a relationship that supports truth, there is space and respect for both people to have whatever thoughts and feelings they may have, even if those thoughts and feelings are scary or inconvenient.

10. With being open and honest that does not mean being truthful about things that hurt, but important things instead.

11. When there is respect and space for each person’s truth, you do not have to hide from the truth in fear of your partner turning mean, denying or invalidating your thoughts or feelings, or intentionally saying or doing things to hurt or abuse you.

12. A relationship where it is safe for truth to emerge will challenge and support both partners toward increasing awareness and connection to the spectrum of their own truth.

13. When you are in a relationship that is based on truth and both you and your partner are honest with yourselves, you will reach true love.

14. When you achieve true love, you will be able to conquer anything with your partner.

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As you see to achieve true love you have to be honest and open with yourself first.

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