4 Warning Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship

June 24, 2013
Author: KLTBrown

In the effort to satisfy their need to be in a relationship, many times people pressured into remaining in a relationship that is unhealthy. Their optimism that things will get better often blinds them to the fact that the relationship is at a dead end. Sadly the people around them and even their close friends can see the handwriting on the wall before they do, but it is very difficult if possible at all to convince them that they need to get help.

Hopefully a person who is in this predicament will wake up and soon realize that they deserve more in a relationship and that the unhealthy relationship they are in is not worth continuing. Their self esteem will continue to diminish the longer they allow themselves to remain in this situation. In addition, the stress and turmoil associated with the relationship will also have negative effects on their health and well being.

So if you are in a relationship and want to know if the relationship is an unhealthy one or if you are in a relationship and want to prevent it from becoming an unhealthy one, here are some warning signs to look for.

Warning signs of an Unhealthy relationship include:

1) Control and/or manipulation from the other partner – Without consideration of your immediate desires or feelings. This behavior will lead to abusive behavior if not put in check early in the relationship. If your partner begins to dictate how you dress, where you go, and who you can be with or talk to, then it’s a sign that you are heading for an unhealthy relationship. Control of your money and what you do with it is also a good indicator of a controlling partner. If they discourage you from being close with anyone else especially your family members and close friends, it is a red flag that you are on the road to an unhealthy relationship. Criticism of your friends and family is often a tactic to separate you from your other relationships. Beware of these tactics and always be cautious of these controlling attributes. Overly possessive and jealous behavior should be not be tolerated and should be put in check early in your relationship. Don’t let it continue to the point where it is accepted as normal. It is not normal and will quickly lead to an enslaving and unhealthy relationship.

2) Constant attempts to make you feel bad feel bad about yourself and lower your self esteem – Ridicule and/or name calling should not be tolerated if it effects your self esteem. Remember, laughing and joking is fine but it crosses the line when it begins affects your self esteem. Let your partner know when they have crossed the line. If the person does not build you up emotionally and celebrate YOU as an individual of value and worth you need to realize the relationship is not for you.

3) Fear of your partners temper or reaction to disagreement – This is a tell tale sign that your relationship is unhealthy. If you fear a person will harm you or threaten to harm children, family, pets, or objects of personal value then why are you willing to chance it with them. If they are subject to pushing, grabbing, hitting, punching, or throwing objects then they obviously do not respect you as a person. Use of physical force or threats to prevent you from doing what you want to do is a obvious sign that they are more concerned about themselves than they are about you. Do yourself a favor and find someone who is concerned about you.

4) If you are the only one giving and sacrificing in the relationship – remember: “A one sided relationship is no relationship at all”. Make sure you both are contributing and benefiting from the relationship. Make sure you both are making time for each other. Make sure you both take the time to listen to each other when they speak. Make sure you both take the time to encourage, support and build up each other. Remember Love, respect, and appreciation is a two way street. Don’t end on a one way street to a dead end relationship.

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