How To End An Unhealthy Relanship

June 24, 2013
Author: KLTBrown

So you find yourself in a bad relanship and you finally come to your senses about getting out. How do you get out in a way that will cause the least amount of drama? Especially of the relanship is already unhealthy?

Well, if the person you are in the relationship with has a tendency for anger, violence, or just a “getting even” mentality then you must take precautions to do it the right way. It could be real messy if it’s not handled properly and the last thing you want to do is air your dirty laundry to all you friends and family members.

So what are you options? What ways are there to end this relanship and move on with your life? One suggestion that I have found to be a potential solution is to use the conditional breakup process to minimize the threat of retaliation or character assassination. This technique is basically this. You express to your partner that you need to step away from the relationship temporarily and that the length of time you are away from the relationship depends on how your partner reacts to the separation and how they handle your need to be apart. Explain your need for their understanding and let them know that you will consider re-engaging with them once you’ve had some time to reflect on the past relationship and the benefits and advantages of being in a relationship with them.

This approach will help you put an end to this unhealthy relanship and also help you maintain your self esteem in the process. The worst thing you can do is end a relationship by minimizing your self esteem and allowing the other person to feel unaccountable for your feelings. Let your partner know that you value yourself and are aware of the effect the past relationship has had on you. Don’t point the finger of blame but make the observation that you need time to assess things and make a decision that is best for you.

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