So you and this guy have been dating for quite some time, but he seems not very inclined to be exclusive. You likely chanced upon this post because you want to know how to get a guy to commit. Some women believe that giving the guy an ultimatum, such as by telling him that she would leave the relationship if he can’t commit, won’t make him commit. If anything, it is usually the opposite.

Offering yourself entirely to the guy before he shows any inkling of wanting to commit is also a misstep. This is not only limited to sex, but more importantly to the time and attention you afford him. If you break schedules just to meet him, come and visit his house when he wants you to, or if you call him several times in the day just to check up on him, will make him think that why would he want to be exclusive when he can get all these perks and still be single?

While it may seem old-fashioned, but mothers’ and grandmothers’ advice to let the guy chase you until you catch him still holds true today. Instead of giving him everything all at once right away, reward him incrementally with time and attention as he strives to be more committed. This will allow him to make associations between rewards and commitment.

Have a life outside your relationship by trying a new hobby without tagging him along. Or you can go on a vacation with your friends without inviting him. Once there is another thing that competes for your attention, he will sense that he would need to step it up by investing more into the relationship. You can also make major independent decisions. This is basically your way of telling him that you don’t need him to move your life forward.

Sometimes, a bit of jealousy can be a way on how to get a guy to commit. Men have problems dealing with you going out with someone you have a so-called “platonic” relationship with. A little jealousy can help him realize he has a lot to lose.

If despite your efforts, your man still seems uninterested as ever, maybe it’s time for you to move on. It may be time to consider leaving the relationship, and looking for another person who is more mature and ready to commit.

So you and this guy have been dating for quite some time, but he seems not very inclined to be exclusive. Click here for tips on how to get him to commit.



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