My brother never dated much in high school or college, in fact he didn’t really date at all. I was kind of the sister who was popular with the guys and my brother was more the type who was really focused on school and didn’t really care too much about his appearance or what the opposite sex thought of him. However, that all changed when he met his current wife.

My brother really started liking this girl that he met shortly after moving out here to the Seattle area. He really wanted to impress her and he got some great dating tips that helped him to make a great impression. He started paying more attention to what he wore and he bought some nice sweaters and some nice dress shirts instead of just wearing t shirts that he got for free all the time.

The dating tips for guys really worked and my brother started dating that girl he liked and they ended up getting married and have been married for about a year now. They have had a happy and fulfilling marriage and they are great together. They are planning on starting a family and I am excited about what the future has in store for them.



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