The Dating Advice You Never Got!

October 19, 2018
Author: Looking4Love

People will always be quick to give you dating advice on how to woo a girl, win her heart and ask her out. Moreover, no one bothers to give you advice on how to stop wasting her time when you fall out of love. If you haven’t had your first breakup, then, fate led you to this post. Know this, Breaking up is painful and difficult but, it all depends on how you break up with your lover.

He or she was your lover once and treating them unfairly at the end of the relationship is very bad. As the dumper, your lover will feel hurt especially when he or she is still in love with you. To dumpees its unbelievable that you can live without them and there have been cases of suicide or attempted suicide by dumpees. How do you avoid this? My dating advice is if you’re convinced you want to leave the relationship, note your reason and deal with your feelings.

Next, prepare yourself to deal with your new ex’s feelings. Express yourself and tell he or she the reason you want to break up with them. However, if there is no reason at all, don’t make up excuses or list flaws.



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