The Three Main Reasons Why People Break up

November 12, 2018
Author: Looking4Love

Assuredly, there are many reasons to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. However, the reasons in this article leads to most break ups. The first reason is being unsupportive, when he/she fails to support you, they unknowingly communicate that you are not worth their time. Granted, this is discouraging especially when you are stressed or emotionally down. It makes you feel you are not as important to him/her like they claimed.

The second reasons to break up is when your lover fails to communicate the way he/she should. Obviously, communication is the most important thing in every relationship and when it’s not done properly, it leads to break ups. Also, good communication is simply the secret to a good relationship. It makes you express your thoughts and hear the thoughts of your partner which puts the both of you on the same page.

Cheating on your loved one is the third reasons to break up. Breaking the heart of your loved one is the worst thing you can do to them after they’ve loved you with all their heart. Building trust is very hard but, gaining the trust of your loved one after cheating on them is very difficult.



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