How to Break Up With Someone and Stay That Way

March 7, 2021
Author: Looking4Love

It is safe to say that growing up, it is instilled in our society and media to ingrain in us that being in a relationship is the meaning of happiness. Most people grow up with the notion that they need to find their perfect person and then THAT is when their life will begin, and that is when all their problems will be solved. Some people are lucky and they find their perfect person, or their soul mate, when they are young like their neighbor growing up or their high school sweetheart. However, not everyone is so lucky – Some people find themselves striking out constantly, being set up on terrible blind dates, or dating duds. Sadly, a lot of single people find themselves in relationships with someone that is seemingly normal and perfect, or checks off all the boxes on the proverbial list, but then find themselves not at their happiest or find themselves not being a good partner. That insane pressure to be with someone and be in a relationship and get married loses its shine and the fantasy instead becomes being single or just simply not with the person you are with. If you are feeling these thoughts on a regular basis, it is time to face the music and figure out how to break up with someone.

Let us get something straight – breaking up with someone is extremely hard. Even if your partner is toxic, brutal, and terrible to you, you might find yourself trying to find excuses not to break up with them or to try just one more time out of a million times to try and fix things. Some might even say breaking up with someone sweet, thoughtful, and kind is even harder – You have the feeling that you should be happy and grateful, but the realization of wasting the other person’s time or opportunity to be with someone who is better fit for them should be the extra push to break up.

Once you figure out how to break up with someone, you will find something, a feeling, that you never expected – relief. It is relief that you are being your authentic self and dropping the act of being in love and being committed. This is a very genuine feeling that is almost instant. Even if you are having second thoughts and doubts if your decision is the right one, you know it is by the feeling of calm after the storm of holding back your emotions and tears.



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