The Ups and Downs of Relationships

April 7, 2021
Author: Looking4Love

For many people growing up, a relationship was taught to them to be a sign of a happy life. So many people, even those that have accomplished so much in their lives like multiple degrees, started charity organizations, or saved lives, think that they still have no lived a full life unless their find their “soulmate”. However, finding a soulmate is something that is difficult, and probably maddening. Trying to use your energy to find “the one” is an incredibly exhausting task. It is like hoping to run into the right person. It is also probably rude to the people you do meet when you feel like they do not meet your standards of a perfect person, and in turn makes them rude to the next people they date because they too want to find the one and get it over with. When it is too late, people realize that they find their perfect person simply when they least expected it or by chance. It also makes for a really whimsical and beautiful love story versus trying to audition each person you meet to see if they are lifelong partner materials. So when you do find the right person for you, it is great to read up and think about what it takes to have healthy and longstanding relationships.

You don’t have to have a romantic relationship in order to be happy. Other relationships, like friendships, are also crucial to a person’s happiness. Some people might argue that losing a friendship can be more devastating than losing a romantic one. When you think about your solid friendships and how long they have lasted, it can be upwards to decades, which can be longer than your romantic relationships combined. A good and healthy friendship is going to not only cater to your happiness, but also give you more input and wisdom on life in general.

Relationships are what human being thrive on – between us and our family members, friends, and romantic partners, we get our heart cups filled when we spend time with people that are our support systems and protectors. When you want to get a solid opinion about something or just need to vent, these relationships can help you feel a lot better when they lend an ear.



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