Reasons To Break Up

May 7, 2021
Author: Looking4Love

Breakups are never pretty, and we don’t endorse them. But sometimes, the other person becomes too much to handle and slowly starts to take away your freedom and happiness. There might be a few reasons to fall in love, but there are many reasons to break up with someone. Life is about finding the right things, such as the right job and the right partner. However, there is no such thing as perfection. But, you shouldn’t settle with a person who is no longer the reason behind your smile. Sometimes, couples confuse their lack of joy as a by-product of being with each other for too long. They believe that spending too much time makes every relationship dry, and love eventually fades away. However, this is not true. Love only depletes when both partners stop trying, and it becomes a reason to break up.

Aside from losing the spark in your relationship, cycling arguments can also be a strong reason for break up. People often end up with a person just because they want to feel like a part of their friends’ group or simply want someone by their side. This is not a sign of love; instead, it’s a sign of dependency. When one or both partners becomes self-reliant, arguments start to make their way into a relationship. Break up is not the first option but the last resort. You can try visiting a relationship counselor because most couples end up marrying after overcoming devastating arguments. But if you can’t find any hope, it’s time to let go.

One of the major reasons to break up is when a relationship starts to become toxic. Not everyone has a Cinderella story. In fact, most couples break up after 3 months of their relationship. While some people believe that breakups happen due to different available options, others believe toxicity ruins a happy ending. A toxic relationship is where partners bicker over little things and can’t find anything in common anymore. While “opposites attract” philosophy seems like a fairytale, it’s only effective in physics, not in love. If you feel that the thought of freedom is exhilarating, it’s time to throw in the towel. Though it might be difficult to let go of someone you were attached to, it’s the right thing to do for mental peace. Toxic relationships end up in bad marriages, which result in domestic abuse.



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