A Ready For Marriage Quiz Is Giving Me Great Insight

March 20, 2018
Author: Looking4Love

My boyfriend and I have been together for quite a long time, about four years now. We have been talking about marriage a lot and we both feel the other person is the right one to marry. We aren’t completely ready for marriage yet, but it is something we are thinking about doing in the near future. It can be hard to know if you are ready for marriage or not.

Marriage is hard work and we have to be OK with the fact that there will be fighting and a lot of compromise and we are going to have to figure out how to work things out when things don’t go right. It is important that we know we are ready for marriage before we take the leap. I have been getting some good insight with things like a quiz.

A ready for marriage quiz has been giving me some great insight as far as whether I am ready or not. I have been struggling with deciding if I am ready for marriage or not for a long time. Sometimes, I think I am ready, other times, I think that it is too soon and I am not ready at all. It is nice to do things like a quiz to get to know myself better.



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