Relationship Compatibility Isn’t Always What It Seems

March 1, 2018
Author: Looking4Love

I have a really interesting story as far as how things got started with my boyfriend, and luckily for me, things did end up going my way, but not right away. I wanted to date him, but at the time when I first met him, he kept saying that he wasn’t looking for a relationship, and that he doesn’t see himself having a family or even getting married.

Things have really changed with my boyfriend since then, in fact, he has done a complete 180 on his relationship views. Fast-forward a couple of years from the time that he said he wasn’t looking for a relationship, and we are official, he says he sees us getting married in the near future, and he would like to have kids with me. He has even been saving money for a house together.

The relationship compatibility wasn’t the best for us at first, but we became compatible over time, as he got to know me and realized he couldn’t see himself without me in his life. Things don’t always change, however, and people don’t always change. It is good to consider compatibility in a relationship and give someone time if you like hanging out with them, but know when to draw the line as well.



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