Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

August 23, 2019
Author: Looking4Love

Marriage is one of the most important life decisions a person can make. It can be hard, exciting, and life-changing. This is why people say your life won’t be the same once you have spoken those vows. And it’s true. Your life won’t be the same. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Marriage binds you to a person. It is a union of two people that can last a lifetime if taken care of properly, which is why Marriage vows are so important. They are the promises two people make to each other when they enter marriage. They are more than mere words. They are the markers of a new beginning.  Ironically, despite them being so important, many people tend to outsource the writing of such personal words. We are not opposed to the idea of people asking someone to beautify their words. But trusting someone to make your words worth uttering in front of your loved ones and your partner-to-be is different than asking someone to choose those words for you. We believe that writing your own wedding vows is very important. It shows that you are willing to invest yourself in the start of your marital contract. The marriage vows you write yourself can help you express your love for the person you are marrying, in front of the world. Your vows reveal your commitment to the relationship and your devotion to your significant other.

The first step in preparing your own vows is to consult your wedding officiant. It might be required that you follow the traditional procedure before reciting your own vows. Worst case, you might not even be allowed to read your own vows, in which case, we recommend that you write them anyway and read them to your significant other at a later time. You can research for the most beautiful lines and vows that have already been said, but we believe the best wedding vows would be the ones that come out of your own heart. Dig deep inside yourself and your relationships. Narrow down what’s most important for you and your significant other. You can even integrate some silly little practices that are unique to you two. This way, your vows would seem more personal and more real than any other contract you just sign through. Practice saying your vows beforehand because you will definitely be embarrassed saying them in front of the wedding party, so make sure you have your words memorized (or written), and you know how to say them. Go for honesty and expressing your love and your marriage vows will automatically become beautiful.



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